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BetTornado is a live betting and trading application for Betfair users with a unique live match tracker showing on-pitch action in real-time with commentary and statistics.

BetTornado is easy to use and incredibly fast, open the match you want to bet or trade on and in one-click have your bet placed. Try BetTornado today for free and get an advantage over traditional Betfair website users.

Exchange Betting Re-imaged

We have taken the traditional exchange view you know and refined it, adding specialised features allowing you the fastest bet execution.

With BetTornado you have the ability to customise your markets to view only the events you care about. We have also redefined the trading ladder to give a more complete betting experience.

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tornado live match

Live Match Tracker

Our Live Match Tracker delivers an enhanced live match visualisation of all on-pitch action in real-time, including positional data of match events coupled with a comprehensive match commentary.

Additionally Line-ups, tactical formations, top lists and comprehensive player and match statistics are just some of the features on offer.

Beta Version Available

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Click the link on the right to get access to a preview version of this app.

IMPORTANT: This application is currently in beta, this release is “beta software”. Certain features may not work properly. Support in resolving those problems will be limited.

Beta is for collecting the problems that real people like you experience, and from there resolving them before release.